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V.6 - The World of Thorgal: The Early Years

Surzhenko  & Yann

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( 6 Volumes )

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Volume : 6/6 - The World of Thorgal: The Early Years 6. The Frozen Drakkar

Publisher's summary Europe Comics

After years of torment, the Queen of the Frozen Seas has finally escaped the clutches of Gandalf-the-Mad... and it appears that she knows something of Thorgal's origins. In order to find him, though, she'll have to survive in an unfamiliar world that seems bent on revenge. Could Slivia be the last of her kind? Plus, Thorgal is desperately searching for the love of his life, lost at sea in a storm. He prays to all the gods and goddesses that, against all hope, Aaricia is somehow alive...

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