Renaissance - Renaissance 1. The Uprooted

Renaissance - Renaissance 1. The Uprooted

V1 Renaissance

Emem & Blanchard Fred & Fred Duval 59 pages
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5$ 99 Digital format
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The whole series - 4 volumes 23$ 96
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The whole series - 4 volumes 23$ 96
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The whole series - 4 volumes 23$ 96

Publisher’s summary Europe Comics

Swänn and Sätie were born on Näkän, a major planet in the Complex, a federation of extraterrestrial civilizations. The young couple hoped to live a peaceful life in an environment where nature and... Read more



Europe Comics


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  • 20/11/2019




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Reviewed by Esta
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2084, The Earth’s global mass extinction: the Tricontinental Council, in a very far away galaxy - peaceful, beautiful and unknown of humans - holds a very heated debate on the value of intervening in a world outside their system, to save several forms of intelligence that can no longer manager to live together, have proven incapable of managing their resources and are headed towards self-destruction: On the other hand, Humans have also developed subtle poetic and artistic expression,... Read more
Reviewed by Batoy
User rating:
Renaissance, vol 1 is written by Fred Duval, with artwork and colors by Emem, and design by Fred Blanchard. The story is set in the future. Earth is ravaged by disease and conflicts, which leads an alien species to pay us a visit. I liked this book, but it wasn't as engaging as the authors desired. The premise is good though, its an intriguing idea that earth's failures would lead to an alien intervention. The execution of the plot points is also done quite well. I guess the problem might be... Read more

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