Fear Case - Fear Case

Fear Case - Fear Case

Fear Case

Matt Kindt & Tyler Jenkins 122 pages
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Publisher’s summary Dark Horse

A new, horrific detective series by Matt Kindt (Ether, Mind MGMT) and Tyler Jenkins (Grass Kings)! A no-nonsense Secret Service agent and his new-age partner... Read more



Dark Horse

Published on

  • 13/10/2021




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Reviewed by Sorcered
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“give it to the person you hate the most / otherwise, the person you love the most will take possession / if you open it, you die / you have three days” A black case burns this message into the mind of anyone that touches it. Is it real? Or are all the horrific murders the work of a deranged serial killer? “Fear Case” is a suitably tense horror story about two detectives and a supernatural object that perpetuates hate. One of the detectives is the “minimal effort” realist; the other is the... Read more

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