Youri Jigounov

Biographie de l'auteur Youri Jigounov

Youri Jigounov was born in Moscow in 1967. From the age of five, he began devouring issues of Tintin magazine. He attended the Moscow Civil Aviation Academy, followed by two years of military service.In 1989, he published several short stories for a Moscow comic book studio. In 1994, Jigounov arrived in Belgium with only one destination address: Le Lombard publishers, which he had found in Tintin magazine. Yves Sente, chief editor, interviewed him and discovered a passionate young artist who had brought him a full, 46-page graphic novel: Les Lettres de Krivtsov, which he published soon after. Jigounov created with P. Renard the contemporary espionage series “Alpha,” which shows a Russia adrift and wracked with the power struggles between secret agencies and crime syndicates. With the third book, Mythic took over the writing following Renard's death.

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