"1948. The state of Israel is still in its barest infancy, at risk of being crushed any moment under its enemies' fierce attacks.  It can count only on the courage of its soldiers, who are few in number and poorly equipped. As in all modern conflicts, an army is useless unless it can fly.  The planes owned by the Israeli military, the Tsahal, are made up of parts stripped from planes from the Second World War; their pilots are often foreign mercenaries. It's a war without hope, fought by exhausted soldiers and surrounded on all sides by crushing, hostile powers.  A war where only true heroes could possibly make a difference..."

Trier par : Ancien



1948. The creation of the Hebrew state is proving to be not exactly a peaceful affair, starting with the Egyptian bombs that are regularly falling on Tel-Aviv. All that Israel has to fight the lethal enemy 'Spitfires' are some old 'Mezek', flown by Jewish volunteers from all over the world, but also mercenaries from rather more sinister backgrounds. Bjorn is one of those mercenaries. He's come to risk his life for several million dollars, a fact that galls his brothers-in-arms, who are fighting not for cash but for their ideals!

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