"Emma and Capucine are sisters. They dream of getting in to the prestigious dance school, l'Opéra de Paris, to become top dancers together. They audition. Capucine gets through, but Emma doesn't. Emma feels like the world is caving in around her. But maybe it's time for her to explore other paths. Her dad encourages her to find something new, but her mom can't imagine her doing anything other than dance. As for Capucine, just the idea of carrying on alone is a huge challenge. But Emma soon discovers new horizons through hip-hop..."

Trier par : Ancien

T1 Emma and Violette


Emma and Violette are sisters who share the same dream of attending Paris's most prestigious dance school. Violette passes the first audition with flying colors, but Emma doesn't, and their world comes crashing down. But there may be more than one way to dance through life... This is the revelation at the heart of the first volume of this lively and graceful narrative.

T2 Emma and Violette


Violette is now a student at the prestigious Ballet School of the Opéra, but the various rivalries and jealousies that begin to crop up between the young dancers take a turn that may prove disastrous for her. Meanwhile her sister, Emma, dreams of joining a hip-hop group, and stumbles through the first uncertain steps of romantic love...

T3 Emma and Violette


Violette's dream is finally coming true... She's dancing in "The Nutcracker" and preparing to tour with the Paris Opera Company. First stop: London! Filled with wonder, she starts to fantasize about the day when she might be the principal dancer on stage. She is soon overcome by the idea of dancing the starring role to perfection... at the risk of forgetting her own choreography! Emma is thrilled for her sister, but her own dreams seem so far away. How and when will she discover a path that's right for her?

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