"Her name is Lea and she's the only daughter of a couple that has been separated for quite some time. Her father is a doctor, too busy saving the world to find the time to take care of his daughter. As for her mother, who passed away 10 years earlier, the only thing Lea remembers about her is that she never hugged her. ""Only child"" ‐ seems simple enough. However, before she was born, her parents had a son, Leo. Lea had always lived with the unpleasant impression that she was born to replace her brother. Between her TV job and short‐lived relationships, she lives a drifter's life. The day her father dies, Lea decides do retrace her past. She will uncover a family secret and will come to terms with her family history and with herself ‐ in order to rediscover the joy of living...Zidrou writes a moving story, filled with tenderness and subtlety, illustrated with finesse by Benoit Springer, whose delicate lines suit the script perfectly."

Trier par : Ancien

T1 Le Beau Voyage


Le Beau Voyage, un one-shot imaginé par Zidrou et mis en images par Springer, est le récit bouleversant d'une vie qui commence... enfin. Un beau voyage, c'est ce qui attend Léa. Depuis toujours Léa cherche sa vie. Elle en bricole une, entre rébellion et provocation. Mais un jour, son père meurt. Alors Léa part sur les traces de son passé. Elle y trouvera une raison de vivre. Le récit d'une histoire dramatique.

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