Clarke & Kubrick - Specialists, Inc.
Clarke & Kubrick - Specialists, Inc.

T1 Clarke & Kubrick

Alfonso Font 48 pages
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Tome Specialists, Inc.

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Clarke and Kubrick, an obvious homage to the aforementioned film, are two specialists in the most unpleasant work that can be done anywhere in the universe. Always... En lire plus


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  • 13/09/2021



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Six short, playful and humorous stories with a pair of space specialists, erm, more like space doofus. Obviously, the action and humor also hide a serious message in each of the adventures, from religion to ecology to social criticism. >>> Space Dust - Clarke and Kubrick do anything for a quick buck - they even experiment with new and claustrophobic transportation techniques. >>> Chapoozy IV - Look before you jump, or, in our space clowns’ case, look before you land.... En lire plus