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The Shadows The Shadows

Zabus & Hippolyte 181 pages
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Résumé de l'éditeur Europe Comics

At the end of an arduous journey, refugee 214 finally gets his chance to enter the Other World. But to see his wish granted, the boy must first tell the story of how he and his sister were forced to... En lire plus

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  • 25/11/2020



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Sa note:
Everybody has a story. Some get to tell their story, most don’t. When poverty, droughts, disasters or wars force people to leave their home, their city, their country, the weight of their family’s untold stories lie on the survivors’ shoulders. The family they lost now follow them like shadows, and their stories are the survivors’ to tell. This is the sad truth of all refugees... “The Shadows” is a fable about a boy and his sister fleeing their war-ravaged village, surviving through endless... En lire plus

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"If you die, we'll die a second time. The story of our life, erased, forgotten." Having arrived at the metal fortress where asylum claims are sorted out, an older brother hesitates to deconstruct the story that brought him and his younger sister to the gates of the Other World. The two... En lire plus