Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 11
Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 11

T11 Rent-A-Girlfriend

Reiji Miyajima 210 pages
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Tome Rent-A-Girlfriend 11

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A GIRLFRIEND SHOWDOWN! Ruka crashed Kazuya’s birthday party in the hopes of appealing to the Kinoshita family and proving that she was a superior girlfriend... En lire plus




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  • 15/03/2022



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Sa note:
“Guess I’m just as much of an idiot as he is” admits Chizuru in a moment I’ve been waiting for since volume one :) And the stakes get even higher, as Kazuya’s grandma pushes the two towards… moving together and sharing the rent! However, Kazuya’s birthday party ends in chaos, and the subsequent events do nothing to clear things up. This volume amps up the melodrama aspect, with tearjerker moments featuring Ruka, Chizuru. and (in the highlight of the book) Kazuya’s grandma AND Chizuru. Like... En lire plus