Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 8
Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 8

T8 Rent-A-Girlfriend

Reiji Miyajima 210 pages
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Tome Rent-A-Girlfriend 8

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An unexpected (and chaotic) night with Mizuhara after she loses the key to her apartment leaves Kazuya feeling closer to the rental girlfriend than ever before. So much... En lire plus




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  • 21/09/2021



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The sort-of-restart continues, with Kazuya and Chizuru revealing their past to each other, and acting naturally (finally!). Then it’s back to innuendos and fun and even full-fledged panic when Mami Nanami (Kazuya’s very first girlfriend, if you don’t remember the name) makes an unexpected late night visit… Reiji Miyajima keeps the tried-and-true formula, mixing slapstick comedy and romance and forcing poor Kazuya to date at least four different girls per volume :) Ruka-chan demonstrates her... En lire plus