Shangri-La Frontier - Shangri-La Frontier 4
Shangri-La Frontier - Shangri-La Frontier 4

T4 Shangri-La Frontier

Katarina & Ryosuke Fuji 194 pages
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Tome Shangri-La Frontier 4

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As Sunraku and Cazzo grind levels like crazy to prepare for taking on in-game "Colossus" Wezaemon the Tombguard, Pencilgon introduces them to Setsuna. She tells them... En lire plus




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  • 09/11/2021



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Before Sunraku, Pencilgon and Oicazzo can battle Wezaemon the Tombguard, one of the seven colossi, they need to prepare some more. For Pencilgon, that means settling some old grunges with her guildmates. For Cazzo, it’s reaching level 50 and learning more game lore. For Sunraku, it’s…. more shitty games practice??? Actually, looks like this time he’ll need some gamer skills best honed in other games - like Berserk Online (and, yes, that’s how the manga’s universe expands AGAIN). Don’t worry,... En lire plus