Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 20
Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 20

T20 Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui 191 pages
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Tome Tokyo Revengers 20

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The time leap suspense story enters its 20th volume! In the face of Tenjiku’s overwhelming forces, Toman is on the verge of destruction. Who is it who rushed in front... En lire plus




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  • 13/04/2021



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It’s the grand finale of the Kanto Uprising - with the future of their gangs at stake, Izana and Mikey fight, and talk, and fight some more, and remember their childhood and the conversation shakes Izana so much he snaps off and gets his gun out. Will he use it? (censored) How about Kisaki? (yes, Kisaki DOES use his own gun. AGAIN.) Did the battle end, after all? (yes, in a way. Although the last page sets up the Takemichi vs Kisaki battle we’ve all been waiting for since so very long ago.)... En lire plus