Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 22
Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 22

T22 Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui 191 pages
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Tome Tokyo Revengers 22

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The newest Time Leap: Suspense, volume 22!! The Kanto Incident draws to a close, and the Toman approaches their final gathering. Upon receiving the support of Mikey,... En lire plus




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  • 14/09/2021



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Now that Mikey knows Takemichi is a time traveler, he takes the one logical decision that should ensure ToMan’s future. It apparently works - Takemichi is delighted to return to the future and find out everybody lives - yes, even Hinata! Even better, the promise Hinata and Takemichi made 12 years ago still stands… And yet, something is wrong in this future, too. Very, very wrong. Is everybody lying about their happiness? This volume might seem like a protracted happy ending, but it actually... En lire plus