Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 3
Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 3

T3 Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui 193 pages
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Tome Tokyo Revengers 3

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Takemichi time-leaps 12 years into the past to save his beloved ex- girlfriend, Hinata, from getting murdered by the villainous Tokyo Manji Gang. In order to stop the... En lire plus




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  • 15/01/2019



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What was supposed to be an easy task (prevent a fight) turned into full-fledged gang warfare! Tokyo Manji Gang is still just a bunch of high-schoolers, after all - are they easy prey to the experienced and way older Moebius Gang? Takemichi acts for the greater good - but the changes in the timeline triggered by his actions seem to make things worse for his friends - and himself. The stakes are the highest they’ve ever been, because his new goal is to prevent a murder, while trying not to become... En lire plus