Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 4
Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 4

T4 Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui 201 pages
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Tome Tokyo Revengers 4

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To save his beloved ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana, Takemichi time- leaps back 12 years to his middle-school days. Takemichi wants to stop Draken from dying, but... En lire plus




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  • 19/02/2019



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This roller coaster of a series never lets up! At the end of the previous volume, Takemichi failed his mission - Draken was stabbed during the gang fight, despite Takemichi’s best efforts. Is there still a way to change the future? Of course there is - Takemichi’s way! (Which is a mixture of luck, perseverance, quick thinking and awful fighting skills.) Another great episode in this consistently awesome delinquent saga that has it all - great art, fighting, drama, romance, lots of funny... En lire plus