Blue Period - Blue Period
Blue Period - Blue Period

T9 Blue Period

Tsubasa Yamaguchi 200 pages
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MOSAIC Summer whizzes by like a typhoon, and Yatora has learned that large-scale pieces—in production and concept—only come together with elbow grease and teamwork.... En lire plus




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  • 16/08/2022



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“Creating something with a bunch of people sure is a lot of work” - with summer heat, sickness and a… typhoon (!) to handle, can Yatora’s team build the ultimate mikoshi before the summer festival begins? The giant paper figure that gets carried during the parade is a hit, though, so all the hard work pays off - art truly changes lives (even if it’s just for a sunny, cheerful afternoon). Once the festival is over, Yatora can really enjoy his summer - reading, fishing and lazing in the sun.... En lire plus