Blue Period - Blue Period 11
Blue Period - Blue Period 11

T11 Blue Period

Tsubasa Yamaguchi 198 pages
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Tome Blue Period 11

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CHILD'S PLAY Yatora's first year at TUA has left his soul and his bank account drained. To recover, he takes a part-time job at a community art class, working for none... En lire plus




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  • 22/11/2022



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“Picasso is an artist that lets you see what you WANT to see” - says Haruka while instructing Yatora about the famous Spanish artists’ style and life. And yet, aren’t all artists like that? Secret or not so secret messages are scattered in all works of art, be them masterpieces or “simple” kid drawings... As the newest teacher in Saeki-sensei’s community art class, Yatora will find out working with kids is both fun and rewarding - helping a kid find his way in the world is the best feeling... En lire plus