Blue Period - Blue Period 4
Blue Period - Blue Period 4

T4 Blue Period

Tsubasa Yamaguchi 210 pages
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Tome Blue Period 4

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Yatora now has new materials in his tool box and a wider range of expression under his belt. But a week before the first exam, Ooba-sensei says he’s missing a crucial edge… With so much at stake,... En lire plus




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  • 17/08/2021



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Only a month left before the Tokyo University of Arts entrance exams, and all of Yatora’s cram school colleagues are battling the stress. Making art is easier and easier as Yatora’s skills get better, but it seems like having such a difficult goal has sucked all the fun out of the process. Things are so serious that even Ooba-sensei’s crazy, over the top challenges can’t seem to lighten the mood - Yatora’s got huge stress-caused rashes, Kuwana eats too much, trying to get over the pointless... En lire plus