Blue Period - Blue Period 8
Blue Period - Blue Period 8

T8 Blue Period

Tsubasa Yamaguchi 210 pages
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Tome Blue Period 8

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CITYSCAPE After a disappointing first assignment, Yatora is encouraged by Maki and is determined to move forward. His next assignment is a scenery of Tokyo. As he... En lire plus




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  • 26/07/2022



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I was over the moon when Yatora and his new gang visited the Edo-Tokyo museum - that’s probably my second favorite Tokyo museum (after the Hokusai museum, of course - I highly recommend both, so if you ever go to Tokyo please don’t miss them). So visiting it again through the eyes of my favorite fledgling artist was a treat - I could’ve given this volume five stars just for that :) But the main focus of this volume is Yatora’s struggle to complete his assignment - creating both an art piece and... En lire plus