When a Cat Faces West - When a Cat Faces West 1
When a Cat Faces West - When a Cat Faces West 1

T1 When a Cat Faces West

Yuki Urushibara 193 pages
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Tome When a Cat Faces West 1

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Flow—the phenomenon that occurs when matter falls out of balance and changes form. Flow creates oddities big and small that can be disruptive or delightful in equal measure, and... En lire plus




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  • 17/05/2022



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Mushishi’s creator returns with another supernatural manga - this time, a lazy detective, an obstinate schoolgirl and a taciturn cat form a Flow Disposal Team, restoring the reality disrupted by various supernatural phenomena collectively known as Flow. The world feels modern and quaint at the same time, a mix of today’s and 80’s Tokyo; each short story reveals more of it, and, as usual for Urushibara, ends with a practical lesson. Because, obviously, Flow is closely linked to humans - fix the... En lire plus