Apple Children of Aeon - Apple Children of Aeon 1
Apple Children of Aeon - Apple Children of Aeon 1

T1 Apple Children of Aeon

Ai Tanaka 171 pages
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Tome Apple Children of Aeon 1

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Yukinojo doesn't know his past, but he knows his future—a marriage to Asahi, heir to an apple farm in Aomori. But what should have been a quiet, pastoral life is... En lire plus




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  • 08/03/2022



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Yujinoko is an orphan abandoned in the snow, in the freezing cold of winter 1948. 20 years later, desperate to leave home after graduating university, he marries a weird but lively and hardworking girl that needs a strong husband for his family’s apple farm. Getting used to his wife’s family is not easy, but Yujinoko falls in love with the countryside, the old family cat, and the ancient and majestic apple tree the orchard stemmed from - and tries his best to learn the orchard’s ways. Marital... En lire plus