Apple Children of Aeon - Apple Children of Aeon 2
Apple Children of Aeon - Apple Children of Aeon 2

T2 Apple Children of Aeon

Ai Tanaka 179 pages
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Tome Apple Children of Aeon 2

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Winner of the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival's Manga Division's New Face Award! The ritual has been revived. Obosuna, a local harvest god, is poised to take Asahi... En lire plus




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  • 12/04/2022



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“Obosuna, obosuna, apples in the snow / Aeons and aeons, children in tow / Have but a bit and be blessed on this day / Once you are blessed, you’re spirited away…” Can a human fight a god… and win? Yujinoko is about to find the answer himself - because all the villagers are already resigned to their fate, and so is Asahi, his wife. Seven months from now, she’s supposed to be spirited away - and her physical transformation has already begun, as the god bride is slowly moving away from the human... En lire plus