Coda - Coda Vol. 2
Coda - Coda Vol. 2

T2 Coda

Simon Spurrier & Matias Bergara 115 pages
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Tome Coda Vol. 2

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Magic was once plentiful and prosperous across the realm—but ever since the Quench brought the world to its knees, magic has become the rarest of resources. Bandits strive for it. Knights die for it.... En lire plus



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  • 26/06/2019



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L’avis de Sorcered
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Hum, the not-so-witty bard, does the unthinkable while trying to get an endless source of magic to save his beloved wife. But the apocalypse ruined all magic, and Hum’s actions have awful consequences of their own. Forced to rely for protection on the flimsy disguise magic of a starving wizard, he joins the huge city on wheels he helped fight in the first volume... This whole book is basically Hum trying to prevent his time bomb of a berserker partner from exploding, and it feels very... En lire plus